IPIP equivalent to Temperament and Character Inventory, TCI

Online version of the IPIP equivalent to TCI. The Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI) is developed by C. Robert Cloninger using his own model of human personality, which describes how heritable temperaments based in neurochemistry interact with socialized character.

Please note: this is NOT the actual TCI Inventory by C. R. Cloninger, but the public domain IPIP Scales, measuring similar constructs. The scores you'll get are not a replacement, they will only correlate with the scores you would actually obtain if you took a real TCI, and are probably much less valid.

Test is provided for educational and entertainment use only. It is not intended to be a psychological advice of any kind, and come without any guarantee of accuracy or validity. Assesment is free and anonymous. You can save the direct link to your results.