Drego Injunction Scale

Test scores

Dont Exist
Dont Be You
Dont Be A Child
Dont Grow Up
Dont Succeed
Dont Be Important
Dont Be Close
Don"t Belong
Dont Be Well
Dont Be Sane
Dont Think
Dont Feel


The scores that are equal to or greater than the mean plus one standard deviation are operative injunctions, and those that are equal to or less than the mean minus one standard deviation are reverse injunctions.

Another way of scoring: 2 highest scores may be taken as operative injunctions and the 2 lowest may be taken as reverse injunctions.

After identifying the injunctions, the person answers the following questions:

1. Do these injunction fit your experience of yourself? If so, how? If not, why not? In practice, the reverse injunction is difficult to identify because it is usually outside your awareness, and you will find yourself resisting the application of that injunction to your life.

2. For those injunctions that seem relevant, remember how you may have received those messages in childhood.

3. On identifying these early memories, choose someone with whom to share these memories as a way of setting them at rest.

4. Choose one of the permission cards through which you will now live out the permissions rather than the injunctions that apply to you.

5. Do you sometimes use one operative injunction to emphasize another operative injunction in your life?

6. Do you combine your operative injunctions together in behavioral patterns that are hurtful to you? If so, plan to make changes in your life by using the relevant permission cards.

7. If in the process of using the scale and analyzing its results, you become aware of other permissions that you need, design a special permission card that fits for you.

8. The Injunction Scale can also be used within a family by adding together all the family scores for each injunction, and then finding the mean and standard deviation. The scores that are one standard deviation above the mean score will indicate the operative injunction for the whole family, and any score that is one standard deviation below the mean will indicate the reverse injunction that is being suppressed in the family. This group application of the Injunction Scale can also be done for a team, an institution, or an organization in order to identify the cultural injunction of the group or organization.

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