The Szondi Test


Vector analysis:
S (+ ) P (+ ) Sch (+ ) C ( ) 

Vector S: The Sexual Drive

S (+ )  Personal love with passive devotion. In men: goal inversion. In women: excessive passivity in love.

Vector P: The Paroxysmal Drive

P (+ )  Pure Abel. The dominance of conscientiousness, tolerance, good nature, readiness to help.

Vector Sch: The Schizophrenic, or Ego Drive

Sch (+ )  [The autistic ego, the recalcitrant ego.] Reservedness. Taciturnity. Harshness. Tenacity, inflexibility. Inability to merge with the other. Hypersensitivity. Shyness despite being autistic way of thinking; daydreams about performing on stage in the big world. Autistic-undisciplined, magical-occult thinking.

Vector C: The Contact Drive

C ( )  No contact. Unrealistic adherence to a lost object. Alienation from the world.



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