Passionate Love Scale, PLS

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Passionate Love Scale
[ Occasional bursts of passion ]


The PLS scale was specifically designed to assess the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral components of passionate love.

The cognitive components consist of: Intrusive thinking; preoccupation with the partner; Idealization of the other or of the relationship; Desire to know the other and be known by him/her.

Emotional components consist of: Attraction to the partner, especially sexual attraction; Positive feelings when things go well; Negative feelings when things go awry; Longing for reciprocity – passionate lovers not only love, but they want to be loved in return; Desire for complete and permanent union; and Physiological (sexual) arousal.

Finally, behavioral components consist of Actions aimed at determining the other's feelings; Studying the other person; Service to the other; and Maintaining physical closeness.

For a popular press article, Hatfield and Sprecher provided for readers the following rubric to interpret their scores:

• 106-135 points = Wildly, even recklessly, in love.

• 86-105 points = Passionate, but less intense.

• 66-85 points = Occasional bursts of passion.

• 45-65 points = Tepid, infrequent passion.

• 15-44 points = The thrill is gone.