Form: AMORE Questionnaire

AMORE Questionnaire
1 Not at all true
2 Slightly true
3 Moderately true
4 Partly true
5 Completely true
Often when I need to feel loved, I have the desire to relate to my partner sexually because sexual intimacy really makes me feel warm and cared for.
I enjoy having sex most intensely when I know that it will lift my partner's spirits and improve his or her outlook on life.
When bad or frustrating things happen to me, many times I feel like engaging in sexual fantasy or doing something sexual to try to get to feeling better.
Sex is important to me largely for reproductive reasons.
Sexual activities and fantasies are most stimulating when my partner seems extremely self-assured and demanding during sex.
I find that I often feel a sense of superiority and power when I am expressing myself sexually.
One of the most exciting aspects of sex is the sense of power I feel in controlling the sexual pleasure and stimulation my partner experiences.
Often while I am engaging in sex or fantasy, the idea that children might result from sexual behavior is extremely arousing.
Frequently, when I want to feel that I am cared for and that someone is concerned about me, relating to my partner sexually is one of the most satisfying ways to do so.
Often the most pleasurable sex I have is when it helps my partner forget about his or her problems and enjoy life a little more.
I find sexual behavior and sexual fantasy most exciting when I can feel forceful and dominant with my partner.
Thinking about sex or engaging in sex sometimes seems to help me keep on going when things get rough.
It is frequently very arousing when my partner gets very forceful and aggressive during sex.
I frequently want to have sex with my partner when I need him or her to notice me and appreciate me.
I especially enjoy sex when my partner and I are trying to have a baby.
Often engaging in sex with my partner makes me feel like I have established myself as a force to be reckoned with.
A major reason I enjoy having sex with my partner is because I can communicate how much I care for and value him or her.
The sensations of physical pleasure and release are major reasons that sexual activity and fantasy are so important to me.
Sex and sexual fantasies are most exciting when I feel like my partner has totally overpowered me and has taken complete control.
When I am going through difficult times, I can start feeling better simply by engaging in some type of sexual fantasy or behavior.
The idea of having children is not very significant in my feelings about why sexual activity is important to me.
In many ways, I think engaging in sex and sexual fantasy are some of the most exciting and satisfying activities I can experience.
Many times it is extremely thrilling when my partner takes complete charge and begins to tell me what to do during sex.
I really value sexual activity as a way of enjoying myself and adding an element of adventure to my life.
Often I have a real need to feel dominated and possessed by my partner while we are engaged in sex or sexual fantasy.
One of the best ways of feeling like an important part of my partner's life is by relating to him or her sexually.
I find that thinking about or engaging in sexual activity can frequently help me get through unpleasant times in my life.
I often feel like fantasizing about sex or expressing myself sexually when life isn't going very well and I want to feel better about myself.
Engaging in sexual activity is a very important way for me to experience and appreciate the personal strength and forcefulness that my partner is capable of.
I find it extremely exciting to be playful and to have fun when I am expressing myself sexually.
Thinking about sex or engaging in sexual behavior can frequently be a source of relief from stress and pressure for me.
I would prefer to have sex primarily when I am interested in having a child.
Often when my partner is feeling down on life or is unhappy about something, I like to try to make him or her feel better by sharing intimacy together sexually.
The experience of sexual tension and energy are in many ways the most thrilling and important aspects of sexual activity and fantasy.
I often feel like having sex with my partner when I need to feel understood and when I want to relate to him or her on a one-to-one level.
When I need to feel a sense of belongingness and connectedness, having sex with my partner is really an important way of relating to him or her.
Doing something sexual often seems to greatly improve my outlook on life when nothing seems to be going right.
I frequently feel like expressing my need for emotional closeness and intimacy by engaging in sexual behavior or fantasy with my sexual partner.
Many times when I am feeling unhappy or depressed, thinking about sex or engaging in sexual activity will make me feel better.
When things are not going well, thinking about sex or doing something sexual is often very uplifting for me and helps me to forget about my problems for a while.
Engaging in sexual activity is very important to me as a means of feeling powerful and charismatic.
One of the main reasons I am interested in sex is for the purpose of having children.
The sense of emotional bonding with my partner during sexual intercourse is an important way of feeling close to him or her.
One of the most satisfying aspects of engaging in sex is expressing the intensity of my feelings for my partner while we are having sex.
I often have a strong need to fantasize about sex or to do something sexual when I feel upset or unhappy.
I really enjoy having sex as a way of exerting dominance and control over my partner.
I often find it a real turn-on when my partner takes charge and becomes authoritative during sexual activity or fantasy.
I am often very excited by the sense of power that I feel I have over my partner when I am sexually attractive to him or her.
Being able to experience my partner's physical excitement and sexual release is incredibly thrilling and stimulating for me.
I find it very exciting when my partner becomes very demanding and urgent during sex and sexual fantasy, as if he or she needs to possess me completely.
I frequently become very aroused when I sense that my partner is excited by controlling and directing our sexual activity or fantasy.
I frequently want to have sex with my partner because I know how much he or she enjoys it and how good it makes my partner feel as a person.
Expressing myself sexually generally makes me feel personally strong and in control of things.
I am especially excited by the feeling of domination and being controlled by my partner during sex and sexual fantasy.
One of the most satisfying features of sex is when my partner really seems to need the love and tenderness it conveys.
Often the sense of power that I have over my sexual partner can be extremely exhilarating.
I find it very rewarding when I can help my partner get through rough times by showing how much I care and being sexually intimate with him or her.
I frequently find it quite arousing to be very directive and controlling while having sex with my partner.
Sexual intercourse is important in creating a great deal of emotional closeness in my relationship with my partner.
Sharing affection and love during sexual intercourse is one of the most intense and rewarding ways of expressing my concern for my partner.
The sense of emotional closeness I experience from having sex with my partner is one of the most satisfying ways I know of feeling valued.
To me, an extremely rewarding aspect of having sex is that it can make my partner feel good about himself or herself.