Form: Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology

Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology
1. Are you more comfortable, as a player in a online game:
Talking with friends in a tavern?
Out hunting orcs by yourself for experience?
2. Which is more enjoyable to you?
Killing a big monster
Bragging about it to your friends?
3. Which do you enjoy more in game quests:
Getting involved in the storyline
Getting the rewards at the end?
4. Which would you rather be noticed for in a online game?
Your equipment
Your personality
5. Would you rather be:
6. Which do you enjoy more in a online game?
Getting the latest gossip
Getting a new item
7. Which would you rather have, as a player in a online game?
A private channel, over which you and your friends can communicate
Your own house, worth millions of gold coins
8. Which would you enjoy more as a game player?
Running your own tavern?
Making your own maps of the world, then selling them?
9. What's more important in a online game to you?
The number of people
The number of areas to explore
10. What's more important to you:
The quality of roleplaying in a online game
The uniqueness of the features, and game mechanic
11. You are being chased by a monster in a online game. Do you:
Ask a friend for help in killing it
Hide somewhere you know the monster won't follow
12. You're a player in a online game, and you want to fight a really tough dragon. How would you approach this problem?
Get a big group of players to kill it.
Try a variety of weapons and magic against it, until you find its weakness.
13. You're a player in a online game, and about to go into an unknown dungeon. You have your choice of one more person for your party. Do you bring:
A bard, who's a good friend of yours and who's great for entertaining you and your friends
A wizard, to identify the items that you find there
14. Is it better to be:
15. Someone has PK'ed (killed) you. Do you want to:
Find out why, and try to convince them not to do it again
Plot your revenge
16. Which is more exciting?
A well-roleplayed scenario
A deadly battle
17. Which would you enjoy more?
Winning a duel with another player
Getting accepted by a clan
18. Would you rather
Vanquish your enemies
Convince your enemies to work for you, not against you
19. What's worse:
To be without power
To be without friends
20. Would you rather:
Hear what someone has to say
Show them the sharp blade of your axe
21. In a online game, a new area opens up. Which do you look forward to more?
Exploring the new area, and finding out its history
Being the first to get the new equipment from the area
22. In a online game, would you rather be known as:
Someone who can run from any two points in the world, and really knows their way around.
The person with the best, most unique equipment in the game
23. Would you rather:
Become a hero faster than your friends
Know more secrets than your friends?
24. Would you rather:
Know where to find things
Know how to get things?
25. Which would you rather do:
Solve a riddle no one else has gotten
Getting to a certain experience level faster than anyone else
26. Do you tend to:
Know things no one else does
Have items no one else does
27. In a online game, would rather join a clan of:
28. Would you rather win:
A trivia contest
An arena battle
29. If you're alone in an area, do you think:
It's safe to explore
You'll have to look elsewhere for prey
30. In a online game, would rather be known for
31. Would you rather:
Defeat an enemy
Explore a new area
32. You learn that another player is planning your demise. Do you:
Go to an area your opponent is unfamiliar with and prepare there
Attack him before he attacks you
33. You meet a new player. Do you think of him as:
Someone who can appreciate your knowledge of the game
As potential prey
34. In a online game, would you rather:
Have a sword twice as powerful as any other in the game
Be the most feared person in the game
35. In a online game, would you be more prone to brag about:
How may other players you've killed
Your equipment
36. Would you rather have:
A spell to damage other players
A spell that increases the rate at which you gain experience points?
37. Would you rather have:
Two levels of experience
An amulet that increases the damage you do against other players by 10%.
38. Would you rather receive as a quest reward:
Experience points
A wand with 3 charges of a spell that lets you control other players, against their will.
39. When playing a video game, is it more fun to:
Have the highest score on the list?
Beat your best friend one-on-one?