Michigan Alcohol Screening Test, BMAST

Online version of the Michigan Alcohol Screening Test (MAST) one of the oldest and most accurate alcohol screening tests.

There are a lot of versions of MAST available, some of them are presented here:

  • Original MAST by Melvin L. Selzer (1971) with weighted scoring;
  • Simplified UMAST with unit scoring;
  • Brief BMAST by Pokorney, Miller and Kaplan (1972) with weighted scoring;
  • Shortened SMAST by Selzer, Vinokur and van Rooijen (1975) with unit scoring.

Author: M. Selzer (1971)

Author: M. Selzer (1971)

Authors: A. Pokorny, B. Miller, H. Kaplan (1972); based on Selzer (1971)

Authors: M. Selzer, A. Vinokur, L. van Rooijen (1975)